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Male fashion and men’s hairstyles evolve constantly

Where I come from, we have a saying, “you can make a pig look like a monkey with the right hairstyle and clothes”. This is so much true because men who follow simple fashion and style guidelines and advice can really make themselves look quite different and in the “good” different sense too.

What fashion for men is about

Fashion for me is my way to make my own style, the clothes and the hairstyle work to differentiate me from the rest of men and it gives me an opportunity to make an impression. In my university I see all these young men with the same hairstyles and clothes which defeats the goal of using these style tools to make yourself unique.

I didn’t learn all my male fashion advice from magic, I put the effort to learn about hairstyles, clothing and eve sewing so I could make my own unique stylish self 😀 I have enrolled at my university in a course about psychology and fashion trends which is so far teaching us how male psychology is different from female psychology and how men tend to prefer to stick with the group and follow fashion trends without asking much (ask much in the sense of question why they are following others in the herd).

The evolution of men’s hairstyles is an example of male fashion and style continually evolving

For example take a look at the many men’s hairstyles of today and how they have evolved in the last decade. I look at pictures from the early 2000s and I see lots of bangs hairstyles, messy hairstyles and long hair for men imitating a grunge vibe. According to the Barbershop Forums, there are some 20 men’s hairstyles to choose from and that are both modern and trendy which shows the tip of the iceberg of the many styling options for men. By the way, the Barbershop Forums is an expert online community for male grooming and men’s style so the discussions there about male hairstyles and other fashion and styling topics for men is usually very spot on.

It is now more than ever that men can define their style and uniqueness. It was only in the last 20th century that developing oneself physically started to become more acceptable among men. While basic male grooming has been encouraged throughout the past centuries, excessive male grooming and too much emphasis on one’s hairstyle and physical image has been frowned upon, especially by the religious circles which once dominated the societies of Europe and the United States.

Men at the MIlan Fashion Week showcasing hairstyles and menswear.

Impossible to predict the trends in male fashion, male grooming and men’s hairstyles

Nowadays I can see a change in male style trends that goes towards neatness and sophistication. Hairstyles for men are becoming sharper and cleaner with undercut hairstyles and military haircuts becoming more and more popular whereas male fashion is concentrating more and more in solid colors and early 20th century dandy menswear in the likes of the great Gatsby. I find that male fashion is cyclic and each trend has a lifespan of about 10 years so comparing the messy hairstyles and multicolor menswear and grungle looks of the early 2000s, we can then understand how now the trend is just the opposite in terms of male grooming and men’s fashion. But I cannot predict what will be cool in the early 2020s!